Background Verification

Employee background verification services are the best solution to ensure those you hire or associate with are exactly the ones who they claim to be. These services are aimed at ensuring all critical aspects are screened, checked, verified with the relevant sources for their genuineness and validity.

Why Background Verification is needed? Because we ensure to the highest degree of precision in everything

  • Nearly 18% candidates plump their resumes to make them look relevant to the job, or forge signatures on a document, or tamper with figures, marks or dates
  • ┬áJunior-level candidates forge or fake their education or employment details
  • Candidates at middle and senior-levels pad their responsibilities and achievements for better positions or pay packets, in addition to faking education or employment
  • Typically an employee is never re-verified and this is a risk
  • ┬áPrevious employment, references and completed education at the time of initial verification will not need re-verification; current place of residence may change and will need re-verification
  • With address change, the decision to re-verify the Criminal Records at the last verified address and at the current address after a period of stay
  • Employees are known to upgrade their education during the tenure of employment and this surely needs verification especially if it in any way impacts the role, responsibility or remuneration of the individual
  • Political affiliations and leanings are known to develop or change too. If these are critical to your business operations a periodic database search is judicious

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